Why more people are saying "My Internet? It's powered by Utah Broadband."

Shocklingly Fast

It's a little technical, but our Fiber Backbone consists of fiber connectivity with three separate Tier 1 upstream providers connected to two geographically diverse Network Operation Centers (Core 1 and Core 2).

This redundancy and quality of uplink ensures that we never go down and our speeds and latencies are carrier-grade.

More Uptime

Utah Broadband's network is built to provide exceptional reliability and robust speeds capable of meeting the Internet needs of our customers.

Our Wireless and Fiber Backbones are engineered to 99.999% reliability and maintain sub-1 millisecond latencies.

Superior Local Service

Utah Broadband has one of the most reliable services in Utah. Built on the backbone of our Commercial Grade platform, UBB offers faster speeds, more uptime and superior customer service.

The numbers speak for themselves. Over 40% of all new customers come from referrals by friends or family! No wonder we are one of the fastest growing ISPs in Utah.

Pricing That Doesn't Change

Tired of your Internet COSTS going up? Tired of being forced to BUNDLE to save money? Utah Broadband has never had a price increase nor do we force you to bundle to save money.